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4 Ways To Earn Free Crypto In 2022

A guide on how to earn free cryptos
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Easy Guide To Earn Free Crypto (Updated 2022)

Even with astute knowledge of cryptocurrencies, many people never invest for fear of watching their money disappear. Also, there is the heartbreaking reality of not having enough money to invest in what can give you financial freedom (which we obviously all want).

So, without wasting anymore precious moments, listed below are FOUR awesome ways to get cryptocurrencies for free!

Learn And Earn Platforms

With Learn and Earn platforms, you get to learn the basics of cryptocurrency while being rewarded with a small portion of the coin. Patforms like Coinbase and CoinMarketCap offer pay users to learn about specific coins. What can be better than being paid to learn!

Coinbase is one of the most popular ways to earn free crypto, although not the quickest. To participate, you need to open an account and pass the KYC verification. Once verified, you will wait to be accepted. When accepted, all you then need to do is watch a video teaching how a project works, followed by answering some simple questions. Coinbase regularly updates their ‘earn free crypto’ page with new projects, so make sure to check this every once in a while.

CoinMarketCap is another fun low risk way to get crypto assets. To participate, you just need to take lessons and test your knowledge. It’s not a rigorous exam of some sort but simple one minute videos, and short multiple choice quizzes that anyone can easily answer in a minute. All you need to participate is a working email and password to create a CoinMarketCap account, along with a verified Binance account where earnings will be sent.

So, if you are a crypto newbie or an oldie eager for knowledge and free coins, Coinbase and CoinMarketCap are your best bet.


The popularity that cryptocurrency is gaining has made this method of earn free crypto very popular. Airdrops are a form of marketing plan drawn out by upcoming crypto platforms for the sake of gaining visibility.

These new platforms, in order to reach a wider audience, give out free coins to new users to create awareness and increase their customer base. Older subscribers or customers are not left out either. They are able to earn free crypto through referrals for the same reason.

There’s only one catch with airdrops. In order to qualify for an airdrop you have to be an active crypto trader or at least have a crypto wallet. With airdrops, it’s a win win for the trading platforms and the user. Everyone goes home happy.

Play-To-Earn Games

This is by far the most exciting of all the ways to earn free crypto. Through play-to-earn games, users get to have fun and earn. The games are easy and definitely time well spent.

CoinHunt World is a mobile game that lets you earn free crypto by exploring a digital environment. You find keys, open vaults, respond to trivia questions accurately and unlock rewards of crypto! It’s fun and entertaining as well as rewarding.

Crypto Popcoin is another game to earn free crypto. To play, you group various cryptocurrencies together and pop them to gain points. The higher your points, the higher you earn! To earn actual Popcoins, all you need to do is register your ERC- 20 wallet address and then have the real crypto token airdropped to your account. ETH can also be earned on this game via your Coinbase account registered within the game app.

Search Engine Rewards

Some search engines reward users with crypto simply for viewing ads or browsing their site. You can learn more about search engines that reward you with cryptocurrency in the next two paragraphs.

Brave Rewards is an addition of the contemporary search engine, Brave. It is a free browser that you can download and start using right away. If enabled, Brave will send you its own ads, share the revenue with you, and pay you in BAT, their native cryptocurrency. The ads presented are based on your interests from your browsing actions. Occasionally while browsing the net, a small popup text box appears at the bottom of your screen to advertise a product. When it closes, a few tokens are added to your account.

Presearch Rewards is a decentralised search engine that is controlled by blockchain technology. You can use it to search the web while getting rewarded. As a Presearch user, you earn when you search and these rewards come in the form of PRE tokens which is their native cryptocurrency. Presearch is unique in that it also pays you a percentage of its advertising revenue. Also, it comes as an extension that you can add to any browser.

If you have gotten here then you are definitely ready to get the ball rolling. So, get clicking and click your way into some free crypto! Financial freedom is at your doorstep so open the door and let it come in.

To learn more about everything crypto, see our Learn section.

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