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Cut Your Research Time and Get Right To The Most Promising Opportunities

With more than 140 data points and millions of models tested daily on more than 6,000 coins. Our AI will help you to find the needle in the haystack.

Token Metrics platform features
Token Metrics platform features
Token Metrics platform features

Identify Trends and Spot Market Tops & Bottoms

Our trends indicator will help you identify market trends early and alert you to exit when conditions turn around. Working on both the total market and individual coins, it is your best companion for long term investing.

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Curated Insights To Fit Your Time Horizon and Investment Appetite

If you are a long term investor or a short term trader we've got you covered.

Our Investor Grade combines the most relevant data points for long term growth of a project to help you identify the next big thing in crypto.

Our Trader Grade will analyze quantitative data, momentum, and onchain data to help you identify the best trades daily.

Token metrics platform
Token Metrics platform features

Crypto Indices That Fit Every Need

Crypto indices for all investment and trading styles. You can follow over 30 indices customized for crypto exchanges and a variety of rebalancing periods. This allows you to compare how they perform versus bitcoin and the market.

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Spot NFT Trends With Our NFT Grade

If you're an NFT trader, investor, or just looking to get your feet wet in the NFT space, you are in the right place.

Our AI combines and analyze demand, distribution, trading metrics and community to give you a live view of undervalued NFTs available.

Token Metrics platform features

The Only Crypto Companion You Will Need

Our all in one platform will help you succeed in crypto whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor

Token Metrics platform features

Stay Informed About Market Changes

We test millions of prediction models against each other, creating thoroughly tested modules to keep you informed.

Token Metrics platform features

Designed To Fit Any Horizon

We analyze more than 70 data points for both long term and short term investment horizons.

Token Metrics platform features

Never Be Late Again

The same team who discovered Matic, Helium, Sandbox and many more delivers to you regular research and insights on new projects.

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Make Decisions That Help You Grow Your Portfolio. Using Insights That Actually Matter

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Research Thousands of Projects Easily
Access insights on more than 6,000 crypto and NFT projects.
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Stay Informed of Market Changes
Get alerted on any major shifts in the market and reserve capital.
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Grow Your Portfolio
Harvest your gains and ride the next trends in the market.
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