The Token Metrics Affiliate Program: 40% Commission On Every Referral

Share the power of Token Metrics with your community, friends and family. They will benefit from actionable insights, and you will benefit from a 40% commission. Win-win!

Become an Affiliate
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Profit On Your Journey To The Moon

The Affiliate program allows anyone to earn a 40% commission from Token Metrics subscription referrals. Registration to become an affiliate is free, and payments are distributed monthly for a year.

This means, when a new user subscribes to Token Metrics using an affiliate link, 40% of their monthly subscription payments are distributed to the link owner.

Customers are automatically enrolled in this program and can access their custom link anytime from their Affiliate Dashboard.Influencers who enroll into the program may also receive a free Token Metrics account and marketing support to help promote Token Metrics to their communities.

It’s easy to get started
Step 1: Sign up to become an affiliate.

Step 2: Share your own, unique affiliate link with your audience.

Step 3: Earn a 40% recurring commission on referrals for 12 months.
Spread the word across any channel
Promote Token Metrics across Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and more.

Build your own original content for your YouTube channel, personal and professional blogs, or your Discord server.

We are here to help! Tap us anytime for content and marketing support to help promote Token Metrics on your channel.
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Increase your commissions
Recruit sub-affiliates to quickly enlarge your audience. Affiliates can earn 10% recurring commission on commissions earned by sub-affiliates for 12 months.
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Customers can also benefit
Existing Token Metrics customers can also participate in this referral program. As soon as you subscribe to a plan you are automatically enrolled into the affiliate program. Use your special link and if you refer someone you too can earn 40% commission. Scroll down to learn how.
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