Token Metrics Trading View Indicator

Quant generated indicator to power your trading decisions

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Four Components


Identifying bullish/bearish trends

Trend line

Adaptive trend line indicator

Support and Resistance line

Short term support and resistance range


Clear long/short signals

Improve Your Trading Decisions

Save time
Improve risk-adjusted returns
Remove emotions
Analyze strategy performance


How to get the indicator?

You will have the option on your account page to add your Trading View username and it will automatically be added to your Trading View invite only scripts.

Do I need to pay for a Trading View account ?

No, you can use the Basic version of trading view and still receive the indicator.

Does the indicator work on all timeframes ?

You will have two strategies , a trend following strategy for daily and weekly timeframes, and a mean reverting strategy for 1 hour and less timeframes.

Is Token Metrics Trading View Indicator added into all Token Metrics Plans?

It's only available for Advanced, Premium and VIP plans.

Who is this indicator for?

Token Metrics indicator is suitable for anyone looking to invest in the crypto markets. It will remove the ambiguity of market cycles and give you a clear signal of when to enter, when to exit, or when to long and short if you trade both sides of the market.

Remember Luna ?

Don’t get caught with a losing trade. Our Quant Metrics can easily see this pricing action. The indicator went short at a perfect time and saved you a lot of money.

Luna Crypto trading view chart

Trading View Indicator



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