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Top Crypto AI Projects in 2024 - Token Metrics Moon Awards

Discover the top crypto AI projects of 2024 at the Token Metrics Moon Awards. Explore the future of AI narrative in the cryptocurrency space.
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Top Crypto AI Projects in 2024

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Welcome to the Token Metrics Moon Awards, a prestigious cryptocurrency industry accolade designed to honor platforms, projects, and initiatives that have significantly contributed to the sector. 

The latest addition to the Moon Awards is the category recognizing the "Top Crypto AI Projects in 2024."

Selection Process

At Token Metrics, we prioritize our audience, viewing them as the cornerstone of our operations. Our selection process is grounded in engaging with the community, ensuring that our awards' results genuinely mirror crypto enthusiasts' sentiments and experiences.

By interacting with our community members, we have curated a comprehensive list of the Top Crypto AI Projects in 2024, drawing upon extensive survey data and user votes to inform our selections.

This article sets the stage by offering a comprehensive list, spotlighting the best crypto AI projects set to dominate the crypto landscape in 2024.

AI Narrative in Crypto

The AI crypto coins market, now valued at over $40 billion, is rapidly evolving and powered by projects that are leading the charge in integrating artificial intelligence with blockchain technology. 

Noteworthy among these are The Token Metrics, Injective, Bittensor, and, which are pioneering this space with innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, data privacy, and decentralization while fostering innovation across the board.

Key Projects and Their Contributions:

  • Ocean Protocol: Streamline data sharing and analysis.
  • SingularityNET and Drive autonomous economic agents and AI services.
  • Bittensor: Facilitate decentralized AI model training and execution.

Despite the promising horizon, these AI crypto coins carry inherent risks. Investors must thoroughly research each project's specifics to understand the balance between potential rewards and the risks involved. 

The surge in popularity of AI crypto projects, spurred by advancements in AI technology and mainstream interest, underscores the need for cautious optimism. 

As AI redefines the cryptocurrency landscape, the potential for transformative change in transactions, security, and data analysis is immense. This promises a future where AI and blockchain technology work hand in hand to create more secure, efficient, and transparent systems.

List of Top Crypto AI Projects in 2024

As we delve into the top AI crypto projects set to shape the landscape in 2024, it's clear that innovation and diversity in application are at the forefront. Here's a closer look at these trailblazing projects:

Top Crypto AI Projects
Image Source - Token Metrics Moon Awards

1. Token Metrics

In the Moon Awards survey, Token Metrics secured the top position with 36.3% of the total votes.

Token Metrics emerges as a pivotal player in the AI crypto domain, leveraging an advanced AI platform for crypto research and analysis with an expert team of analysts and VC investors.

Token Metrics provides a comprehensive Analytics Platform and Data API. It also introduces the Token Metrics AI Chatbot, making it a cornerstone for investors in navigating the AI crypto landscape. 

In a recent YouTube video released by Ian Balina, the founder of Token Metrics, it was announced that Token Metrics, a leading platform for AI-driven crypto analysis, is going fully Web3 in early 2024. 

This exciting development means that Token Metrics embraces decentralization and offers an airdrop exclusively for its customers. As a customer of Token Metrics, you will have the opportunity to participate in their airdrop and become part of their Web3 ecosystem.

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2. Bittensor

In the Moon Awards survey, Bittensor secured the 2nd position with 18.9% of the total votes.

Bittensor introduces a groundbreaking approach to AI and machine learning through its decentralized blockchain technology. Fostering a peer-to-peer marketplace accelerates the exchange and growth of machine intelligence knowledge in several innovative ways:

Decentralized Machine Learning Protocol: Bittensor enables an unprecedented exchange of machine learning capabilities and predictions among network participants, facilitating the collaborative development and sharing of machine learning models and services.

Operational Framework:

  • Nodes and Validators: The network operates with nodes (miners) running Bittensor client software and validators that ensure the accuracy of responses and predictions. This setup promotes a robust, participatory environment.
  • Consensus Mechanism: The network utilizes a Proof of Intelligence consensus mechanism to reward nodes contributing valuable machine learning models and outputs. This includes a game-theoretic scoring method, which employs the Shapley Value to ensure fairness and incentivize valuable contributions.

Innovative Features:

  • Neurons and Communication: Inspired by the human brain, Bittensor's computational units, called "Neurons," facilitate complex problem-solving through a decentralized mixture of experts (MoE) model. Neurons communicate via Axon and Dendrite terminals, mimicking biological neural networks for efficient knowledge sharing and model training.
  • Tokenomics and Support: Supported by TAO Bittensor, with a total supply mirroring Bitcoin's 21 million tokens, it integrates seamlessly into the Polkadot ecosystem, enhancing accessibility and investment potential.

Bittensor's vision of creating a transparent, fair, and universally accessible market for artificial intelligence sets a new standard for AI crypto projects, promising to revolutionize knowledge sharing and the development of AI models.


In the Moon Awards survey, secured the 3rd position with 14.3% of the total votes. is a pioneering AI and machine learning (ML) platform designed to cater to the burgeoning needs of decentralized finance (DeFi), transportation, energy management, and various business-oriented tasks. 

At its core, facilitates the creation and deployment of AI agents, enhancing the efficiency and functionality of applications across these sectors. Key features and partnerships include:

  • AI Agents: Central to, these agents enable services to be easily discoverable on the platform, fostering a more interconnected and efficient digital ecosystem.
  • DeltaV Tool: Offers users the capability to access multiple services through a single prompt, streamlining operations and enhancing user experience.
  • Notable Partnerships: has collaborated with industry giants such as Skyscanner, Discord, OpenAI, Yahoo Finance, Slack, WhatsApp, and Google Calendar, significantly expanding its reach and applicability.
  • Integration Successes: The platform has successfully integrated with peaq, Ocean Protocol, and Datarella, showcasing its versatility and the potential for widespread adoption.

Furthermore, is committed to community engagement and support, boasting a strong developer community and providing technical assistance through Discord or Github. 

This commitment is underpinned by a transparent approach to privacy, as evidenced by accessible policies and media information on their website. By leveraging autonomous software agents, is poised to transform processes across many sectors, making it a standout project in the AI crypto coins landscape.

4. Render

In the Moon Awards survey, Render secured the 4th position with 11.6% of the total votes.

Render, an Ethereum-based project, is revolutionizing the GPU rendering marketplace by offering a decentralized platform that caters to creators' high-quality graphics demands. 

With a market capitalization of $3.40B as of April 2024, Render has solidified its position as one of the top AI crypto coins to invest in. This platform uniquely leverages unused computing power from crypto miners for tasks beyond traditional mining, such as rendering and streaming digital content, including AI-driven projects.

Key Highlights:

  • Decentralized Marketplace: Render operates a GPU marketplace, enabling transactions and job payments with its RNDR token. This marketplace benefits both GPU owners by monetizing their idle computing power and consumers by providing access to high-quality rendering capabilities.
  • Growth and Collaboration: Experiencing notable growth, especially after opening its doors to AI projects, Render has collaborated with high-profile creators like Beeple. Its integration with Prime Intellect complements this growth, which optimizes render node utilization rates and supports decentralized AI compute power.
  • Market Position: Ranked among the top 5 AI crypto tokens for 2024 and part of the decentralized chain for GPU rendering and AI computation, Render's innovative approach addresses the supply bottleneck in the exponential growth phase of AI demand, positioning it as a key player in the AI crypto coins landscape.

Render's approach solves critical supply issues in the AI and rendering sectors and introduces a new paradigm for leveraging blockchain technology in creative and computational workloads.

5. Akash Network

In the Moon Awards survey, Akash Network secured the 5th position with 6% of the total votes.

Akash Network is the decentralized cloud computing marketplace, often likened to an Airbnb for cloud resources. It seamlessly connects those with surplus computational power (Providers) to those in need (Tenants), fostering a dynamic ecosystem where:

  • Permissionless Access & Resource Availability: Users benefit from unrestricted access to a wide array of resources, ensuring availability without the constraints of centralized control.
  • Cost-Effectiveness & No Data Lock-Ins: With prices up to 85% lower than traditional cloud services, Akash Network provides an economical alternative without the fear of vendor lock-in, encouraging innovation and flexibility.

Built on the robust Cosmos SDK and secured with the AKT token, Akash Network facilitates transactions across decentralized and centralized exchanges, including Osmosis, Kucoin, and Coinbase Exchange. 

The network's architecture, based on a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, not only enhances the performance of cloud applications but also ensures a transparent, secure, and efficient marketplace. This framework supports many computing resources and geographies, setting Akash Network apart from its centralized counterparts.

Key Features and Achievements:

  • Infrastructure as Code & Kubernetes Powered: Streamlines deployment and management of applications.
  • Persistent Storage & Dedicated IP Leasing: Offers reliable data storage and unique IP addresses for enhanced security and performance.
  • Community Growth & Adoption: With 71 active providers and, 160 active leases, and a significant annual growth rate, Akash Network is rapidly expanding its offerings, including a diverse range of AI and ML applications like Akash Chat and Osmosis DEX.

Through its innovative approach, Akash Network is redefining the landscape of cloud computing, offering an accessible, cost-effective, and decentralized alternative that empowers users worldwide.

6. SingularityNET

In the Moon Awards survey, SingularityNET secured the 6th position with 5.7% of the total votes.

SingularityNET, under the symbol AGIX, has been a beacon in the AI crypto coins landscape, focusing on the ambitious goal of developing Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). 

This decentralized AI marketplace allows users to create, share, and monetize AI services, fostering a collaborative environment for AI development. 

The platform's core mission is to democratize AI technology, ensuring a fair distribution of power and resources across the global digital commons. With its innovative approach, SingularityNET enables:

  • AI Marketplace & AI Publisher: Users can explore and utilize an expanding library of AI algorithms thanks to a community-driven ecosystem of service providers.
  • AI - Domain Specific Language (DSL): A self-organizing network of AI agents on the platform, capable of dynamically outsourcing tasks to one another, enhancing efficiency and scalability.
  • AGIX Token Tools: Including AGIX Staking & Bridge, facilitating token transfers across supported blockchains like Ethereum and Cardano, and enhancing platform liquidity.

Moreover, the recent strategic move to merge AGIX with (FET) and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) tokens into a single token, ASI (Artificial Superintelligence), marks a significant milestone. 

This merger aims to forge a powerful alliance in the decentralized AI space, responding to the growing mainstream interest in AI and the need for a decentralized alternative to the potential oligarchy of large tech companies. 

The combined entity, valued at $7.5 billion, will focus on creating an open, decentralized AI infrastructure, leveraging each project's strengths to foster the development of superintelligence.

7. Ocean Protocol

In the Moon Awards survey, Ocean Protocol secured the 7th position with 2.9% of the total votes.

Ocean Protocol, an Ethereum-based platform, is reshaping the AI crypto coins ecosystem by enabling efficient data exchange and monetization. This platform stands out for its innovative solutions catering to AI ecosystems, including:

Ocean Predictoor & Trading Bots is a unique platform where AI-powered prediction or trading bots operate on crypto price feeds, creating earning opportunities. Users can engage in Data Farming Rewards by locking OCEAN tokens, curating data, making predictions, or participating in Data Challenges to design AI models for data science competitions.

Technology & Tokenomics:

  • Data NFTs & Datatokens: Utilize enhanced ERC721 token technology to protect intellectual property, with Datatokens granting token-based permissions for data access control.
  • Compute-to-Data: A revolutionary approach allowing remote machine learning and AI operations without moving the data, ensuring privacy and security.
  • OCEAN Token: Central to the ecosystem, used for staking, earning rewards, and unlocking features within Ocean Protocol.

Community & Development:

  • Developer Hub: Provides resources for building token-gated AI dApps and APIs, promoting innovation among developers.
  • Data Science Hub: A learning resource for data scientists to explore Ocean Protocol's technology stack, fostering community engagement and knowledge sharing.

Ocean Protocol's participation in the Superintelligence Alliance, alongside SingularityNET and, signifies a strategic move towards creating a decentralized AI infrastructure. 

This collaboration aims to merge the $FET, $OCEAN, and $AGIX tokens into a single $ASI token, enhancing data privacy, encouraging global participation, and setting new standards for a trustworthy AI ecosystem.

8. CorgiAI

In the Moon Awards survey, CorgiAI secured the 8th position with 1.4% of the total votes.

CorgiAI is carving out a niche within the Cronos ecosystem, aiming to become the premier community token through a blend of innovation and community-driven initiatives. At the heart of the CorgiAI ecosystem lies the $CORGIAI token, which powers a range of features designed to engage and reward its community:

Key Features:

  • $CORGIAI Staking: Allows token holders to earn rewards, with yields varying by lockup period.
  • Milestone Burns & Champagne Popping: Celebrates community achievements with token burns, enhancing value.
  • AI Community NFT and Art Gallery: Offers artists and AI enthusiasts a platform to showcase their work.
  • AI Job Board: Connects talented individuals with opportunities in the AI and blockchain space.

The project's ambitious roadmap is to launch the CorgiAI Social Club and the Corgi Louvre Museum (NFT Gallery), further enriching its ecosystem. Despite its recent market volatility, which saw a significant price surge followed by a correction, the potential for growth remains. 

The project's listing on and its impressive market cap of $469 million underscores its burgeoning popularity and the community's optimism for its future trajectory. CorgiAI's blend of innovative features and community engagement initiatives positions it as a distinctive player in the AI crypto coins landscape, with the potential to reshape the Cronos ecosystem and beyond.

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As the AI crypto space continues to evolve, driven by innovation and community engagement, the implications for investors, developers, and users are profound. 

The expansion of these projects underscores the importance of cautious optimism, thorough research, and an understanding of the inherent risks and rewards in this rapidly evolving market. 

With AI's potential to drive transformative change in the crypto realm, staying informed and adaptive will be key for those looking to navigate or shape the future of this promising intersection. 

As such, the coming years will undoubtedly reveal even further advancements, challenges, and opportunities in the exciting confluence of AI and cryptocurrency.


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Token Metrics does not recommend buying, selling, or holding any cryptocurrency. Conduct your due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making investment decisions.

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