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Top NFT Marketplaces in 2024 - Token Metrics Moon Awards

Discover the top NFT marketplaces of 2024 at the Token Metrics Moon Awards. Explore leading platforms revolutionizing the NFT space.
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NFT Marketplaces

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Welcome to the Token Metrics Moon Awards, a prestigious cryptocurrency industry accolade designed to honor platforms, projects, and initiatives that have significantly contributed to the sector. 

The latest addition to the Moon Awards is the category recognizing the "Top NFT Marketplaces in 2024."

Selection Process

At Token Metrics, we prioritize our audience, viewing them as the cornerstone of our operations. Our selection process is firmly grounded in engaging with the community, ensuring that our awards' results genuinely mirror crypto enthusiasts' sentiments and experiences.

By interacting with our community members, we have curated a comprehensive list of the top NFT marketplaces 2024, drawing upon extensive survey data and user votes to inform our selections.

This article sets the stage by offering a comprehensive NFT marketplace list, spotlighting the best NFT marketplaces from OpenSea to Rarible, set to dominate the landscape in 2024. 

NFT Marketplace Overview

In 2024, the landscape of NFT marketplaces has evolved significantly, offering a vast array of platforms for the buying, selling, and trading digital assets. 

Among these, SuperRare, OpenSea, and Rarible stand out for their unique offerings and user-friendly interfaces. These platforms cater to a diverse range of digital assets, including digital art, collectibles, and virtual real estate, making them the go-to destinations for NFT enthusiasts.

Key Trends Shaping the NFT Marketplace:

  • Metaverse Integration: Seamless connection with virtual worlds for immersive experiences.
  • Social Tokenization: Creating community-driven value and engagement through NFTs.
  • Utility NFTs: Beyond art, these NFTs offer real-world utility and benefits.
  • Environmental Sustainability: A shift towards eco-friendly blockchain solutions to minimize carbon footprints.

Furthermore, the NFT marketplace in 2024 is characterized by:

  • Dynamic Royalty Structures: Leveraging smart contracts for fair creator compensation.
  • Cross-Platform Integration: Expanding reach with social media, gaming, and VR platforms.
  • Community Engagement: Events and collaborations to build a vibrant ecosystem.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Advanced solutions for fraud prevention and transaction integrity.

These developments underscore the NFT marketplace's commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability, ensuring a robust and dynamic ecosystem for creators and collectors alike.

List of Top NFT Marketplaces in 2024

Let's explore the top NFT marketplaces that are setting the pace in 2024. These platforms provide a space for buying, selling, and minting NFTs and foster a thriving community of creators and collectors.

top NFT marketplaces
Image Source - Token Metrics Moon Awards

1. OpenSea

In the Moon Awards survey, OpenSea secured the top position with 66.1% of the total votes.

OpenSea stands out as the titan among the best NFT marketplaces, offering an expansive peer-to-peer platform that caters to a diverse audience. As the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea facilitates direct interactions between sellers and buyers, enabling the buying, selling, or trading of NFTs through non-custodial wallets. 

This ensures users retain complete control over their NFTs and cryptocurrencies at every transaction. Compatible wallets include MetaMask, Ledger, Coinbase Wallet, Phantom, Trust Wallet, and Solflare, supporting a wide array of blockchains such as Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, and Solana.

How to Use OpenSea?

  • Buying NFTs: Navigate to the item page, select 'add to cart,' and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  • Selling NFTs: Choose your NFT, select the sale type and price, and then confirm the listing by signing the transaction.
  • Minting NFTs: Create a collection, upload your NFT, fill out descriptive details, and list your newly minted NFTs for sale.

OpenSea's verification process requires a collection with at least 75 ETH of volume sold, alongside a username, profile picture, verified email, and connected social accounts, ensuring a trusted environment. 

Despite its vast user base and transaction volume, OpenSea encourages users to research sellers for safety. The platform's support for various NFT categories, including art, music, collectibles, and more, combined with its user-friendly interface and minting functionality, positions OpenSea as a cornerstone in the NFT trading ecosystem.

2. Blur

In the Moon Awards survey, Blur secured the 2nd position with 21.4% of the total votes.

Blur has rapidly emerged as a powerhouse in the decentralized NFT marketplace arena, particularly appealing to traders and collectors. Its meteoric rise, with a trading volume nearly double that of OpenSea in recent months, underscores its growing appeal among over 60,000 NFT enthusiasts who engage with the platform monthly. 

Running on the Ethereum blockchain, Blur differentiates itself through innovative features designed to streamline the trading experience:

Governance and Community: Blur integrates its own governance token, BLUR, empowering its community to have a say in the platform's future developments.

Advanced Trading Features:

  • Sweeps: Allows users to quickly acquire the lowest-priced listings within any collection with a single click.
  • Bidding: Enhances transparency in pricing, displaying bid volume across various price levels.
  • Real-Time Listings and Collection Sweeps: Offers traders the ability to snipe hot NFTs before they appear on other marketplaces, with sweeps up to 10 times faster than competitors.

Blur's commitment to providing a superior trading platform is evident through its no-trading cost policy for NFT sales, although buyers are responsible for Ethereum gas fees. 

This approach, coupled with real-time price feeds, multi-market sweeps, and a focus on filtering out spam NFTs, positions Blur as a unique and powerful platform for the NFT trading community. 

Its exclusive use of the Ethereum network means higher gas fees, but Blur offers unmatched tools and insights for those deeply embedded in NFT trading and collecting.

3. Magic Eden

In the Moon Awards survey, Magic Eden secured the 3rd position with 7.4% of the total votes.

Magic Eden has rapidly positioned itself as a pivotal player in the NFT marketplace, particularly noted for its seamless integration with the Solana blockchain. 

Its user-friendly interface and commitment to security have made it a favorite among NFT enthusiasts, with features catering to seasoned traders and newcomers to the NFT space.

Key Features:

  • Blockchain Support: Primarily Solana, with recent expansions to Ethereum, Polygon, and Bitcoin Ordinals.
  • User Experience: Known for its simple and intuitive interface, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.
  • Launchpad: A vetting feature for new collections, providing an added layer of protection against fraudulent activities.
  • Community Focus: Emphasizes a strong community connection, offering a Launchpad for creators and feature request sections for users.

Magic Eden’s strategic collaborations and innovative features underscore its commitment to the NFT ecosystem's growth. The platform's recent ventures into Ethereum and gaming, alongside its Creator's Alliance for sustainable royalties, reflect a forward-thinking approach. 

With a blend of high trading volumes, a wide array of supported blockchains, and a focus on community and creator support, Magic Eden is not just a marketplace but a comprehensive ecosystem for NFT trading and discovery.

4. SuperRare

In the Moon Awards survey, SuperRare secured the 4th position with 2.2% of the total votes.

SuperRare sets itself apart in the NFT marketplace as a curated platform dedicated to crypto art, fostering a unique environment where art is seen and experienced. 

With a focus on single-edition digital artworks, SuperRare has become a haven for art enthusiasts and collectors seeking exclusivity. The platform's operation on the Ethereum blockchain ensures security and authenticity for each transaction, making it a trusted choice for high-end digital art transactions.

Key Highlights:

Artwork and Royalties: SuperRare has facilitated the collection of 38,000 artworks, generating $9m in artist royalties from a total earning of $182m for artists. This commitment to supporting artists financially underscores the platform's dedication to the digital art community.

Exclusive Features:

  • Live Auctions and Exhibitions: Offering live auctions and curated exhibitions, SuperRare provides a dynamic platform for artists to showcase their work and for collectors to discover new talent.
  • Top Artists and Collectors: The platform boasts a vibrant community, with top trending artists like @xcopy and @coldie, and leading collectors such as @humanzero and @superrarejohn, highlighting the platform’s appeal among the digital art elite.

Despite its exclusivity and high fees, SuperRare remains a top choice for experienced collectors and pleasing art investors, offering a unique blend of art appreciation, security, and community engagement.

5. Rarible

In the Moon Awards survey, Rarible secured the 5th position with 1.8% of the total votes.

Rarible distinguishes itself in the bustling world of NFT marketplaces with its artist-centric approach and innovative features. Founded in 2020, Rarible has quickly become a beacon for creators looking for autonomy and fair compensation, allowing them to set royalty fees up to 50%. 

This decentralized platform supports a variety of blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Tezos, Immutable X, and Flow, broadening its appeal across the digital asset community.

Key Features and Offerings:

  • Supported Currencies: Transactions can be made using ETH, wETH, XTZ, FLOW, and MATIC.
  • Decentralization: Rarible is steering towards complete decentralization by transitioning control to a DAO run by its community members.
  • User Empowerment: Allows users to create their own NFT marketplace at no cost, enhancing accessibility and creativity.
  • Innovations for Users: Integration with Rarity Sniper for assessing NFT rarity within collections and reducing marketplace fees to a 1% commission for buyers and sellers.

Rarible's commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive ecosystem is further demonstrated by its recent $10 million Series A funding to expand its platform and invest in new NFT projects. 

With its focus on high liquidity, a wide variety of NFTs, and strong community engagement, Rarible is poised to remain a leading NFT trading platform, catering to collectors, video game enthusiasts, and artists alike.


Throughout this exploration of the NFT marketplace landscape in 2024, we have ventured through the digital thresholds of the top platforms, revolutionizing the way creators and collectors engage with digital assets. 

From OpenSea’s extensive user base and transaction volume to Rarible’s artist-centric approach and community-driven governance, each marketplace brings its unique flair and function to the forefront of the digital economy. 

It is evident that these platforms are not merely marketplaces but ecosystems fostering innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability in the expanding space of digital art and assets.


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