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Grades, analytics, and indicators to help investors improve their trading strategies.

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Tired Of Spending Hours Testing Different Data Points?

Your strategy cannot be based on guesswork. Build trading strategies based on tested data that actually matters with Token Metrics Data API

Empower Yourself With Reliable Data & Insights

Token Metrics Data API provides more than 15 tested actionable data endpoints to power trading bots, models, and platforms.

Develop The Best Trading & Investment Strategy With One Robust Solution

Built To Increase Your Win Rate

Automated, Overarching grades based on fundamentals, technology, pricing data, quant metrics, on-chain data and more.
Scenario analysis, quant metrics, correlation and model portfolios.
Buy and sell signals, price predictions, and market direction indicators.

Winning Strategies Only Come From Reliable Data

We have tested multiple data points and ran millions of AI models to give you the winning formula.

No more juggling between different tools.

Back test, validate and refine investment decisions.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Token Metrics is the best tool I found to navigate the cryptocurrency landscape. It gives me the ability not to get rug pulled, aka scammed. While at the same time allowing me to identify higher return cryptocurrencies.

David Moseley
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"Token Metrics is by far the best research and analytics platform I've found in the crypto space. Their professional analysts are top-notch, and have profound real-world experience in crypto as well as traditional markets, and they have a keen understanding of the relationship between the two. When they talk, it pays to listen. My subscription has paid for itself hundreds of times over."

Benjamin Bjerk
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I've been with Token Metrics for more than a year now! I use it every day for my research on technicals and fundamentals. I loved using the platform and made so much money that I decided to purchase an astrobot which gives me unlimited access to the platform and the private groups. Crypto is a tough market to navigate and I'm so glad that I found Token Metrics. People still need to make their own choices about investing and Token Metrics is not going to manage your portfolio for you but if you're looking for a trustworthy company to assist you in your decision-making process then I can fully vouch for Token Metrics. Great tech, great support, great community! A+

David Cantu
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Transform The Way You Handle Your Crypto Investments

Learn how Token Metrics Data API can help you take your crypto trading and investment to the next level

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